Together we will achieve more

We rely on dialogue when it comes to promoting interests. During the discussion we always arrive at creative, new solutions. It is our personal approach that distinguishes us from other representative bodies.

Trade union federation for Professionals

About VHP2

We have been promoting the interests of professionals in high-tech industries since 1949, striving to achieve equal working relations and fair, equitable pay. We accomplish this by starting a dialogue with all the parties involved and by seeking solutions based on mutual respect. Only in extreme cases, when dialogue has failed and/or our values are at stake, will we act with strong interventions to safeguard the interests of our members. Our members value their relationship with us, not for what we say, but for what we do. Through constant innovation, we continue to work on safeguarding their interests in the long term. Innovative solutions based on an open dialogue. This is what VHP2 stands for.

Individual services

As a member of VHP2 you benefit from the knowledge of our experts on all legal, fiscal and personal matters. Whatever changes occur during your career, we provide you with support, overview and direction at all times. So customisation!

Collective services

You can go faster on your own, but together you go further. Therefore we act together and on their behalf we enter into discussions with social partners and employers with regard to good terms of employment, career development, training, etc. We also meet with the Consultative Council for the Metalworking and Electrical Engineering Industry (Dutch: Stichting Raad van Overleg in de Metalektro - ROM) and with the Pension Fund for the Metal and Technology Industry (Dutch: Pensioenfonds voor de Metalelektro - PME ) and the Philips Pension fund. View here all the CAO's.


I have a temporary position, when am I entitle to a permanent contract? Must I accept a non-competition clause? Can the employer compel me to take vacation days? What is involved in a settlement agreement? You are faced with questions during every phase of your career. We provide more information on all these topics in our resources.

Together we will achieve more. Join VHP2.

The more people who support us, the stronger we are during negotiations about collective terms of employment. As a member you can directly influence the final result, you are involved in discussions and vote on proposals. You are also welcome to participate in working groups, the board or the council of members.
Membership offers even more benefits: for example, you have access to events and our business network. We also provide assistance with job applications and can offer legal advice. Furthermore, we can litigate or negotiate about your employment contract on your behalf.

Are you already a member of another trade union? Please call our secretariat (040-211 6222) and we will ensure a seamless transfer. You do not have to worry that you will have to pay double contributions.

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