Individual services

Legal services

VHP2 provides legal assistance to its members in the areas of terms of employment, income, pension and legal status.

Reasons for legal assistance
  • Employment relationships: appointment, assessment, promotion, internal job applications, dismissal, redundancy packages, disciplinary penalties.
  • Terms of employment: salary, allowances, compensation, (vacation) leave, trade union facilities, overtime arrangements, application of social statutes, job evaluation.
  • Working conditions: climate, working space, noise pollution, tools, welfare.
  • Employment situation: conflict mediation, sexual intimidation/undesirable social behaviour, discrimination, matters with regard to mergers, privatization, independence, reorganisations, financial and personnel management.

You must be a member for at least 6 months to qualify for our free legal services and furthermore there must be no possible legal disputes at the start of the membership. Under certain conditions non-members can also qualify for our legal services.

View the VHP2 legal aid regulation

We can also give advice when drawing up the business plan. *Base Consultants is a tax advice company located in our office building on the Ruusbroeclaan. A cooperation arrangement with this company makes it possible for us to also offer fiscal advice and insight to our members who want to start as an entrepreneur.