Dealing with changes

"I had doubts about following career coaching via VHP2. It seemed more like something for young people who are looking for other work. However, career coaching is much more than that."

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Career coaching

When I received the invitation for career coaching via VHP2, I doubted whether it would be something for me. I thought it was more for younger employees, who are at the beginning of their career and looking for the job that suits them best. However, career coaching turns out to be much more.

During the presentation it became clear what that 'much more' means. Think of things like increasing your assertiveness, gaining more self-confidence, dealing with changes, discovering where your strength lies, researching what gives you energy, etc. It became clear that it would also be good for me to participate in this take. The coach made a reliable and professional impression; I wanted to embark on this journey with her. The conversations could be held on location, so I could combine it nicely with my working hours. The first ten hours of coaching is offered for free (for employees in the Metalectro) which in my case makes it even more attractive. Ten hours is often sufficient.

At the start of the process, we drew up a personal development plan. For me, there were three points for improvement in order to be able to function better at work, in addition to the aspect of personal development. One of those points for improvement, improving my self-confidence and gaining more confidence in my knowledge and skills, could in my opinion receive a helping hand. We are now working hard on that.

I am now about half way through the process and I can only say that it was the right decision to participate. The career coach feels very well where my pain points lie and they are adequately addressed with exercises and homework. The results are already very noticeable and that motivates me enormously to continue the process. The great thing is that you actually do it all yourself, albeit with the help of the career coach, but in the end you take the actions and you progress further in the process. I expect that I will achieve my goals within the offered trajectory and I can wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone!

(Name known to the VHP2, male, technician 55 years)