Early retirement

"I received the proposal to retire early. Thanks to legal advice from VHP2, I was able to complete a draft termination agreement that the employer agreed to."

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Legal advice at the end of the contract

In this writing I would like to express my gratitude for the help I have received from VHP2 since my employer suggested that I take early retirement. At the start I realized that my knowledge was not sufficient to arrive at a good response in the field of severance pay, UWV, pension schemes, AOW and tax.

Even after researching on the internet, I was left with a number of questions. An acquaintance pointed out to me that VHP2 could help with advice and so I soon sat down with one of their legal advisers. This lady explained to me exactly what you should pay attention to and how you can arrive at a reasonable severance payment. This turned out to be close to my employer's offer, which prompted me to accept the early retirement proposal. I received a draft termination agreement, which was read by the legal advisor and provided with comments. The employer agreed to the changes and that's how it happened.

With the impending dismissal, the adviser has further informed me of the state of affairs regarding registration with the UWV and application for unemployment benefits, fictitious notice period, application obligation and minimization of wage tax on the severance pay.