From outplacement to start-up

"Although I was not a member of VHP2, I have come to know them over the past two years as an honest and competent trade organization."

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I worked as a senior consultant at a large government agency. A nice job, especially in the beginning, which required a lot of pioneering qualities because of all the organizational changes. These organizational changes were initiated as temporary, but over the course of the 6.5 year journey, they became more the norm. This made the work difficult as implementing the changes did not get off the ground. A frustrating factor that bothered us as employees because there was no stability. After 6 years and a burnout further on, I had had enough and requested a consultation with my manager. We decided on an outplacement program and coaching towards a new work situation with the help of a career consultancy. This led to the start-up of my own company and an existence as an independent entrepreneur.

Although I was not a member of VHP2, I got to know them in the past two years as an honest and skilled trade union that can provide excellent guidance to people in these kinds of situations – reorganization and outplacement. I can therefore wholeheartedly recommend anyone with doubts about their job to get to know the career counselors of VHP2 and start a conversation with them!

(Name known to the VHP2, consultant, 48 years old)