VHP2: Right now!

De VHP2 zal zich in deze bijzondere corona-tijden onderscheiden. Dit proberen wij te doen door er juist nu in voor onze leden te zijn! Voor bestaande bestaande leden als nieuwe leden.

VHP2: Right now!

VHP2 wants to distinguish itself in these special corona times. We try to do this by being in it for our members right now! For both existing members and new members.

In recent months we have assisted countless members in the legal field. This varies from assistance in the event of dismissal as a result of a reorganization to advice about working from home and whether or not it may be mandatory to take vacation days.

Based on the feedback we receive, our services are appreciated and so we will continue to do so!

We also always want to be able to help new members. That's why we have another special promotion. We do not invoke the waiting period of 6 months in the event of labor disputes for every new member who registers from 1 September 2020 and remains a member for a period of at least 1 year.

Join. VHP2: Together we go further.

Casper Vaandrager
Director VHP2

Tuesday September 1, 2020