Temporary employment contract

This section provides answers to FAQs about temporary employment contracts. Please contact us if your question is not included.

Temporary employment contract

Can my employer force me to take holidays?

No, your employer cannot oblige you to take holidays, unless such holidays have been agreed with the Works Council .
The employee normally submits a request for holidays and the employer must accept this request unless there are serious reasons for not granting the holiday.

I am ill and I don’t agree with the opinion of the company doctor. What can I do?

If you do not agree with the opinion of the company doctor, you can request an expert opinion from the Employee Insurance Agency Make arrangements with your employer about the period elapsing between the company doctor's opinion and the expert opinion.

I became ill on holiday. Can my employer regard such sick days as holidays?

If you immediately report sick to your employer in accordance with the sick leave rules, your employer is not allowed to count such sick days as holiday days. Always keep an eye on the applicable collective labour agreement (CAO). Agreements may vary on this topic.

For all such questions, it is very important to first check the CAO to see if there are any agreements on the relevant subjects.