Termination of employment

In this item you will find answers to frequently asked questions in the field of terminating an employment contract. Is your question not listed? Contact us.

Termination of employment contract

My employer wants to terminate my fixed-term contract. Is this possible?

No, your employer has to give you notice, in writing, one month before the end date of any contract for a duration of six months or longer of its intention to terminate or continue such a contract. If your employer does not comply with this notice period it is liable for a fine equivalent to a maximum of 1 month's salary.

Am I entitled to unemployment benefits if my employer offers me a settlement or termination agreement?

Entitlement to unemployment benefits exists if the settlement agreement stipulates that the employment contract ends at the initiative of the employer and that there are no urgent reasons for dismissal. The agreement must also stipulate that the employee is not to blame and that the notice period must be observed. It is important to let us check the settlement agreement to see if all requirements have been met.

#####Am I entitled to a transitional allowance after two years of illness?
Yes. The employer is obliged to terminate the employment contract (at the request of the employee) after two years of illness. The employer will then usually offer a settlement agreement. This means that you are also entitled to the transitional allowance. However, it is important that you await the Employee Insurance Agency’s (UWV) decision regarding the sickness benefit (WIA) assessment. If the Employee Insurance Agency decides that the employer has not done enough to reintegrate the employee, it can impose a salary sanction. In such a case, you should certainly not agree to terminate the contract. The employer must then continue to pay such salary for a maximum of one year.