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Storytelling for Analytical Thinkers

You have an idea. Or you’ve done an analysis, and now you have valuable insights. But when you start talking, you see that other people aren't listening. Frustrating, right?


VHP2 participates in Strategic Agenda Metalektro

As a participant in the Raad van overleg metalektro (ROM) VHP2 has contributed to the Strategic Agenda Metalektro.


Modern terms of employment for professionals at ASML

Leave your e-mail address and we shall involve you in the negotiations on new labour conditions at ASML.


Three important tips on how to strengthen your position in the event of reorganisation and dismissal

Reorganisations are a regular occurrence. The recent series of reorganizations announced by Signify is an example of this. This blog provides information on what to do when faced with such a situation.


Employment contract check

You are about to enter into an employment contract. What do you need to check? Is the agreement sufficiently recorded? And are the terms legally valid?


Our position on pensions

Pensions comprise one of the most important employment conditions for employees. However, this condition of employment only acquires real meaning after the end of one's working life.

Individual services

Carla Verhagen

Since 1988 I have been an independent coach for the personal development of professionals and managers as regards their work and career. I am also an organisational advisor and trainer in, among other things, cooperation, leadership and effectiveness.

Individual services

Annelies Dorgelo

As a European certified coach, I am affiliated to NOBCO (Dutch Association of Professional Coaches) and work according to the ethical code of conduct prescribed by it. As a coach I am also bound by professional secrecy. On this basis I offer a safe, warm and honest environment, in which my clients can develop themselves.

Individual services

Legal services

VHP2 provides legal assistance to its members in the areas of terms of employment, income, pension and legal status.

Terms of employment

Terms of employment

VHP2 is often a party, on behalf of its members, to a variety of CAOs. The above memorandum seeks to clarify VHP2's standpoints on employment conditions.


When must you work?

Two years ago there were few VHP2 members who could imagine what was specifically meant by this question. It wasn't really relevant to their job. But then COVID-19 came along and for many of our members this question was suddenly very topical.

Labor law

Dormant employment

Employers are not allowed to dismiss sick employees during the first two years and must continue to pay wages. After that, the obligation to pay wages stops and the employee may be dismissed.

Individual services

Career counselling

Career counselling is provided by our experienced coaches, Annelies Dorgelo and Carla Verhagen. It is a service that we can offer free of charge to our members who fall within the scope of the Metalektro CAO (Collective Labour Agreement)!

Individual services

Fiscal services

VHP2 has made it possible for its members to engage Base Consultants for independent fiscal advice at a reduced price of € 60.00 per hour excluding VAT.


Final pension determination

"Thanks to the successful mediation of the VHP2, this pension problem has been solved. A good reason to remain a member of the VHP2 after retirement."


Dealing with changes

"I had doubts about following career coaching via VHP2. It seemed more like something for young people who are looking for other work. However, career coaching is much more than that."


Early retirement

"I received the proposal to retire early. Thanks to legal advice from VHP2, I was able to complete a draft termination agreement that the employer agreed to."


A notice. What now?

"Keep building a network that includes people with influential positions, who are convinced of your qualities and added value."


New job after your 45th?

"It's not easy for people over 45 to find work again after being fired. I was lucky, but sometimes you force yourself to be lucky!"


From outplacement to start-up

"Although I was not a member of VHP2, I have come to know them over the past two years as an honest and competent trade organization."


Coaching trajectory offers a solution

"Although the management fully supported me in my new position, it turned out to be difficult to win over my older colleagues - mostly in their fifties - for my approach."


Reintegration perils

"VHP2's legal advisor has guided me every step of the way and helped my employer to get my old job level and salary back without going to court!"


Hold on in an uncertain period

"I remained ill for a long time, which made my future very uncertain. VHP2 was able to give me clarity in the multitude of rules. This gave me something to hold on to in an uncertain period."


Fired from a conflict situation

"After a conflict, my working environment turned into a cold company that started a dismissal procedure. After VHP2 was involved, the settlement went much more favorably for me than I had expected."


Babel: The danger of being too ambitious

Within VHP2 we have had many ambitious plans to work on expanding our trade union. In retrospect these plans were too ambitious. Read more about it.



If I look back on the past year then I think of many things that did not happen or in any case happened differently than was planned. It was an on and off situation of many things that suddenly could take place and then suddenly could not. This all placed high demands on everyone's adaptability and therefore also on mine.


'A union ensures that any irritation reaches its peak at the coffee machine'

Now and then you still come across them: people who are members of a trade union out of idealism. Take Maarten van Gestel (45) for instance, chief product owner at ASML. Read more about it.


VHP2 We matter!

VHP2 has substantial specialised knowledge and experience in the provision of collective and individual services in the high-tech sector. Going further, together


Rejection of final bid Signify

The trade unions have fed back the results of the member consultations about the final offer to Signify. After mutual agreement, the four trade unions rejected the final offer.


Demerger Philips Domestic Appliances (DA)

In December 2020, everyone was told whether they are part of the new DA organization. Now that the choice for employees will soon be made, many people have questions about the future.


Contribution statement 2020

In this news item you can read more about the contribution statement for 2020.


VHP2: Right now!

De VHP2 zal zich in deze bijzondere corona-tijden onderscheiden. Dit proberen wij te doen door er juist nu in voor onze leden te zijn! Voor bestaande bestaande leden als nieuwe leden.


Termination of employment

In this item you will find answers to frequently asked questions in the field of terminating an employment contract. Is your question not listed? Contact us.


Temporary employment contract

This section provides answers to FAQs about temporary employment contracts. Please contact us if your question is not included.


Employment contract

In this item you will find answers to frequently asked questions in the field of entering into an employment contract. Is your question not listed? Contact us.


New job / Contact check

"The speed, accessibility and clear advice during the negotiations about my new contract ensure that I will certainly be able to find the VHP2 again in a different situation!"