VHP2 Going further, together

Our trade union characterizes itself by the following values: fairness, connection, ownership, integrity and vitality.

About VHP2 (Trade union federation for Professionals)

The essence

About VHP2 (Trade union federation for Professionals)

We have been promoting the interests of professionals in high-tech industries since 1949. At the time, we were one of the first senior staff associations in the Netherlands. We started for N.V. Philips Gloeilampenfabriek (Philips Lightbulb Factory), but we soon became actively involved for members in a broad range of high-tech companies. From the beginning we have been promoting the interests of our members in a social, fair and proactive manner. The opinion of our members is extremely important; both with regard to negotiations on a CAO and for providing individual customisation.

We rely on dialogue when it comes to promoting interests. During the discussion we always arrive at creative, new solutions. It is our personal approach that distinguishes us from other representative bodies. By talking and listening to each other, we can connect people and support the careers of our members. Only in extreme cases, when dialogue has failed and/or our values are at stake, will we act with strong interventions to safeguard the interests of our members.

This is our vision

Justice, connection, ownership, integrity and vitality.

This is our vision

Our goal is to achieve equal labour relations and fair, equitable pay in the companies where we represent our members. We accomplish this by engaging in dialogue with all stakeholders and by seeking solutions based on mutual respect. We distinguish ourselves from other trade unions by not pointing the finger at others, but by accepting our responsibility and expecting the same from our members.

We have a great deal of expert knowledge and extensive experience with regard to the provision of collective and individual services. In practice, this makes us valuable for our members because:

  • We represent them during CAO negotiations;
  • Approach them personally and provide customized solutions;
  • We provide them with legal assistance in disputes with employers, but also during reorganisations, mergers and takeovers;
  • We advise and stimulate them in the areas of work/private balance, labour law and social security;
  • We are a knowledge partner for them in terms of sustainable employability;
  • We represent their interests nationally through representation in the VCP (Trade Union Federation for Professionals).
This is our ambition

This is our ambition

In a rapidly changing environment, we want our way of representing interests to change with the needs of our members. We can only do this by constantly updating our way of working and in the range of services that we provide. We do this based on discussions with our members, but also with employers, so that we can make connections between the interests of all those involved. We always opt for dialogue and find possibilities for innovation in CAO results and individual career planning. We use the core values of our trade union as the foundation for relationships with our professional field.