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Fiscal services

VHP2 has made it possible for its members to engage Base Consultants for independent fiscal advice at a reduced price of € 60.00 per hour excluding VAT.

Fiscal services

VHP2 has made it possible for its members to engage Base Consultants for independent fiscal advice at a reduced price of € 60.00 per hour excluding VAT. VHP2 will reimburse € 30.00 for the first hour of fiscal advice about a one-off payment for members.

Base Consultants

To introduce ourselves: my name is Els Stienstra. In 1991, I decided to provide my advisory services from my own company and Base Consultants was founded. I wanted to use the knowledge and experience that I had acquired at large accountancy firms to be able to advise my customers in a more personal manner.

My career started in 1974 as an assistant accountant. At that time I entered the NIVRA (Netherlands Institute of Register Accountants) education programme and I gained experience at three national accountancy firms. Because I have always felt more attracted to fiscal consultancy, I entered the Tax Consultant (Dutch: Register Belastingadviseur) education programme in 1982, and completed this successfully in 1986.

The company

Our company has grown strongly since its establishment. The number of services was expanded and now primarily focuses on services to larger companies and small and medium enterprises (SME). Our customer base covers a wide diversity of specialisms and is spread across the country. We of course also work for private persons.

We aim for a high quality of service with strong personal contact, satisfied customers and employees. Our team consists of highly-qualified and enthusiastic employees. We work proactively and from a strong ability to listen to people. We can empathise with your situation, and understand where your interests lie.

Our recommendations are not always what a customer wants to hear, but are about what we consider the best option is for the customer in a specific situation. Every customer has a permanent account manager who maintains all contacts about the services.


We offer a wide range of services varying from salary administration and drawing up and evaluating annual accounts to personal advice and guidance during mergers and take-overs.
We provide advice during the formation of start-ups, estate (financial) planning or the incorporation of a Dutch B.V. (PLC) or annuity PLC to hold severance pay (Dutch: Stamrecht B.V.). Guidance through the financial part of divorce proceedings is also an often occurring service.

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