Fired from a conflict situation

"After a conflict, my working environment turned into a cold company that started a dismissal procedure. After VHP2 was involved, the settlement went much more favorably for me than I had expected."

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Fired from a conflict situation

Six months before the definitive closure of a Philips factory, I started working as a buyer at a production company in Limburg. A company with 200 employees, a great product portfolio and a very pleasant working atmosphere. It all went very well until, after three and a half years, I got caught up in a collaboration conflict that eventually turned into a power struggle. Without going into further details, this ultimately led to my departure.

The once pleasant working environment for me turned into a cold company that started a dismissal procedure. The company sent a letter accusing me of the conflict and offered meager severance pay. After involving the VHP2, the settlement of the dismissal (eventually via the subdistrict court) went much more favorably for me than I had dared to expect.

The added value of the VHP2 can best be described in the following points:
  • Fast handling of my first email to the office of the VHP2. Within a day I was linked to a lawyer.
  • The third day I already had an appointment at the office where my case was examined. The lawyer was able to separate the big picture from all the details very quickly. - The knowledge of the legal possibilities has been used optimally.
  • It was absolutely nice not to be alone. The fact that a lawyer from the VHP2 could take over the communication was a relief because you want to react too much from emotions and details.
  • A well-chosen strategy where the company always had to stay on the move and perfect timing for our reactions.
  • All written communication that the lawyer had prepared was only sent after consultation with me.
  • The lawyer had made a very well-substantiated plea for the lawsuit at the subdistrict court.

You did lose your job in the end, but the statement that the culpable act was the fault of the company and that the severance pay was five times higher than the company first offered, made up for a lot. Applying for unemployment benefits also did not cause any problems. I owe this result to the pleasant professional efforts of the lawyer of VHP2. The arguments in the plea that the company required me to act contradictory with regard to my integrity as a buyer are still sharp in my mind.

I am happy with my membership and the help of the VHP2. Thanks!

(Name known to the VHP2, 38 years)