Reintegration perils

"VHP2's legal advisor has guided me every step of the way and helped my employer to get my old job level and salary back without going to court!"

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After a long period of incapacity for work due to a life-threatening illness, I started working again a few years ago. The aim was to reintegrate into my own position. The structure of work was carried out according to the reintegration plan, which was drawn up in collaboration with my employer. During the reintegration process I was registered with the UWV as 100% occupationally disabled and I only received WIA benefit*. When at the end of the process I was able to work 100% again for a client of my employer, as a seconded employee, I reported this change to UWV and my benefit was subsequently stopped. I thought it was logical that, now that I could go back to work 100%, I would no longer receive benefits but just salary again. I also reported this to my employer. After this report, my employer took the position that I had not been integrated into my own position and that I was not functioning at my old level. This position was taken without any consultation with UWV or with me. In addition, my manager informed me that they wanted to reassess my performance level and salary, and at that point they would downgrade me by three job levels and cut my salary by $500.
In the first two months, my employer did not want to pay any salary at all and with great difficulty I was able to receive an advance twice, which was considerably less than my regular salary. Mind you, I just had a permanent contract with this employer and I was not fired during my illness.

I arranged the new assignment for a client myself and was very proud of my achievement. It was therefore very disappointing that I was treated in this way by my employer after a successful reintegration. My employer assumed that she had the right to unilaterally change my terms of employment. I disagreed. It was time to ask for help from a legal advisor. I had been a member of VHP2 for a while and called their office and asked if they could help me. I was very pleasantly surprised by the speed of the responses and the involvement of the people. I was able to tell my complicated and long story and immediately received advice about which steps I had to take myself and what the VHP2 could do for me.

The legal advisor guided me every step of the way and in drafting every letter. I really enjoyed working with her. She helped me with matters with the UWV and to get my old job level and salary back from my employer, without starting a lawsuit. She also advised me to start applying again. Because I had gained a little more self-confidence, I actually started doing that.

It has now been almost a year and a lot has changed in my life. I am still 100% employed with a new employer. In addition, I have been placed in a higher position! Thanks to the guidance of the VHP2 advisor, I have taken the right steps to get my life and work in order.

I would like to thank VHP2 for the help, support, advice and just, the listening ear. I really appreciate it.